Hackathon - When you make 1 app in a limited time frame

Hackathon – When you make 1 app in a day or two

We like hackathons. Sometimes we take home a prize (1st place Sears Codeathon, 2nd place Novartis Health Challenge) and sometimes we don’t (Code One Omaha, $1M Salesforce Hackathon). We always win though, because we always become a tighter and better team. We’re pretty much a 100% remote team. We don’t see each other often, even though we talk and work with each other all the time.

We noticed something when we tell people we go to hackathons. They ask, “What’s a hackathon?” or “Why are you trying to hack into someone’s system?”  I also have heard some developers say, “Yeah, I don’t waste my time at these dumb events.” I’m horrible at speaking concisely on a whim. Therefore I thought to myself, “We should really document a hackathon so people can get it.” So we called up Bootstrapper Studios, checked if they’d like to make a documentary for us and a week later, we were mic’d up and being filmed.

For four days, this film crew followed us around. It was uncomfortable, but we wanted to help people understand who we are and why we do these hackathons. Four days of footage is quite a bit to go through, edit and put into a movie. Therefore, I asked Adam if he could put together just a little teaser to help you get a feel for the story we’re trying to tell. To say he nailed it would be a huge understatement.

Therefore, I present to you our documentary trailer for you viewing pleasure.  The app we made wasn’t at the level we’d like it to be. Therefore, we’re gonna work on the app a bit more over Turkey Holiday and show you it when we premiere the documentary in a couple of weeks. Don’t forget the camera adds 10 to 100 lbs, so we’re actually all skinny in real life. LOL

Full length documentary here => https://omegaortega.com/full-length-documentary-is-up