Products and Successes

Having the ability to be agile, and move from different products from different industries, not only has garnered us successful launches but has given us great lessons in every project to continue to grow on.

Kuromatsu Sports

Kuromatsu Sports

Martial Arts, and even sports in general have a tendency to be needing ways to have their competitions move fluidly. 

Arvest Premiere Services

Arvest Premiere Services

Web Application built for Arvest to assist with the lender in the loan approval process and help them fly through it with a smarter interface.

Arvest Teller Search


An internal app to assist employees with being able to quickly find knowledgebase items.

Pay Up Sucka

The Little App thats BIG in Japan

Arvest Teller Search

Legal Proof

An app built to help create a case, and save items, evidence and time stamps to assist in court.

Edit Me

Because Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Bank of America

Bank of America will always hold a place in my heart because my work saved an entire division from being shut down.

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