Research Lab

While we’re a team of geeks that build applications, what makes us unique, is our ability to think through our work to solve problems and bring new ideas and creativity to your app, developing an even better product than imagined.

More than Just a Great Team

Omega Ortega Tradeshow SetupBecause of our experience and success competing in several hackathons, we’ve been able to systemize our process and establish a highly effective approach to analyzing ideas and then building a prototype, or more appropriately, a proof of concept to validate the effectiveness of the app idea.

We’ve had success fixing problems with technologies we’ve never worked with before. We’ve found that different technologies have different syntax, but sadly, the underlying problem of human thought tends to be the same.

We believe our biggest strengths are found in our talented team, our size, and the trust we have in each other. The team is just as comfy with a small business owner as they are with a CIO/EVPs of Fortune 100 corporations. People are people, and we like to help them all.

It’s true that we’re a small shop with big ambitions. Our core team consists of only 4 people and we’re completely distributed, working diligently as one like a fine-tuned machine.

Team Members

Tom Ortega aka Our Omega Supreme

Tom has been consulting and programming for almost 20 years. He’s a natural problem solver, who loves a good challenge. An expert coder with a charismatic, positive and ambitious persona, Tom’s aspirations to build good products and services drives the man, whom is also a fantastic husband and father.

Not to mention his laugh has probably gone viral somewhere.

Rance Patterson


Our “Knows All, Does All” Senior Swiss Army Knife. A master at the nomadic life, and true supporter of all things Brasil! 

Anthony Tanaka


The whip cracker of the team, that carries a big coffee mug for those late and lonely computer nights. 

Antonio De Jesus Cortes Lagunes


He likes Hazelnut coffee, and that’s about as much as we know about him. Stay Tuned.

Yes! We have a Documentary! (Circa 2013)

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