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Our mission
is to help organizations become productive through intuitive designs, problem solving programming, and friendly collaboration.

Our purpose
is to convert complex real world problems into simple, intuitive applications.

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Problems We’ve Solved

First Thinking
solving real problems, real fast!

More From Our Clients

Arvest Bank

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope to continue the relationship." – Jim Cole, EVP - CIO

American Express

"You were instrumental in getting our American Express Paymentlink for Windows software ready for prime time. Your observations and insights were critical in the product success."

Bank of America

"You're desire to build the best app to make us more efficient was brilliant. There are 35 people here who kept their jobs because you took it upon yourself to make us as efficient as possible with software."

Foundation for Blind Children

"You have a power to take complex real world systems and distill them into simple computer systems." – Marc Ashton, CEO

Awards and Recognition

First National Bank Hackathon
Our 3rd Place Solution: Golaso – An app that enables families to remind each other about goals and apply savings towards goals.


Fun Club Winners

The best award we could be given!

"You guys won the most fun to work with award!" - Jim Cole, Former CIO FNB