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AR in the enterprise: Tips for a better augmented reality app.
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Tom featured in a recent article regarding the prep for iOS apps to Mac OS Mojave. You can read it here

“Banks for years have given out mailers, fliers, and other such items, we’re augmenting additional data on top of them.” More here

How Hackathons Made Me a Better Programmer: There’s been a lot of noise over hackathons…  read here

We believe that our ability to listen to and understand the problem(s) our clients are trying to solve is the key to our success. When you understand the problem, it makes building the solution easier!

We never forget that in the end, it’s people who use apps we build for you. That is key. You may (or may not) understand the informational needs of your clients and employees. However, we understand their emotional and critical needs and utilize technology to comfortably deliver that sense of magic that only a great product can deliver.

Our team is small in size. Larger teams require more management and are less effective because no one knows who’s who and who’s doing what. We are a band of friends that leverage one another’s strengths to deliver an amazing application for you and your business. There’s never a question of who’s doing what. The roles have been defined for years and we trust each other to do our jobs.

Arvest wants you to come and sniff the popcorn, while we challenged ourselves to assist them in bringing in more of their current members in to branches. Reinforcing the business to customer relationship with human face time is important, and nothing is more nurturing than a popped kernel.

The Chore Score app is a fun way to incentivize kids to do their chores. With their parents, kids can set up a chore list, track their progress and earn rewards for doing their chores. Parents verify progress as kids mark them off. Rewards can be redeemed easily within the app either online or in-store.

In the Novartis mHealth Challenge, we walked away with 2nd place. Not bad considering we were up against some competitors who had been working months and years on their products. Our idea was conceived, designed and built in roughly 48 hours…and still took 2nd!
Using beacons to convert an office space into a true collaboration center; Converting information packed documents into an easy to use search engine; Getting early access to just announced tools to be the first to deliver in a new tech space; These are just a few of the things we do for clients.

Innovation Labs is our way of answering the age old, “Could we do…” that many companies like yours ask themselves. Quite often, our answer is “Yes, with a little help.”

You know your business inside and out. There’s no one that can top that knowledge. We acknowledge and respect that. We are not here to tell you how to run your business. Quite often though, your internal teams are too busy building today’s solutions vs tomorrow’s vision.

We know tech inside and out. There’s few that can top the connections we’ve made over the years throughout the world to get access to the latest tech. New tech companies love us because we don’t just play around with their tech, we put it through the wringer building real world solutions.

Your business sense and our tech know how are a recipe for success. We listen to you as you describe the problems you face as a company and we recommend new tech and build solutions to help eliminate those problems. Mutual respect of our expertise domains allow us to act fast as no one second guesses anyone. This speed allows us to deliver quickly, on time and on budget.

Food Run

A mobile application release, for a highly anticipated communal food gathering app..

Prelaunch site:
Twitter: @foodrunnow
Instagram: @foodrunnow


Alleviate was built to increase the ease of communication between a patient and their medical provider. By keeping information up to day about a patient’s health status, a doctor can facilitate office visits much more efficiently, and make even more thorough decisions on a patient’s care.


An app that enables families to remind each other about goals and apply savings towards goals

Dressed by Friends

This app is equipped to give you a chance to get the opinions of your peers on what type of wardrobe would be in your best interest.


This little app was built during the Salesforce Hackathon (normally occurs during the Dreamforce conference).

We were able to build this app within 48 hours to assist Salesforce representatives in creating notes and follow ups during client calls.

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This app is for sharing and making efficient recommendations to the things your friends may find valuable and interesting.


A mobile application built in 48 hours for the BNP Hackathon in San Francisco.

Having the ability to be agile, and move from different products from different industries, not only has garnered us successful launches but has given us great lessons in every project to continue to grow on.
While we’re a team of geeks that build applications, what makes us unique, is our ability to think through our work to solve problems and bring new ideas and creativity to your app, developing an even better product than imagined.

Because of our experience and success competing in several hackathons, we’ve been able to systemize our process and establish a highly effective approach to analyzing ideas and then building a prototype, or more appropriately, a proof of concept to validate the effectiveness of the app idea.

We’ve had success fixing problems with technologies we’ve never worked with before. We’ve found that different technologies have different syntax, but sadly, the underlying problem of human thought tends to be the same.

We believe our biggest strengths are found in our talented team, our size, and the trust we have in each other.

It’s true that we’re a small shop with big ambitions. Our core team consists of only 5 people and we’re completely distributed, working diligently as one like a fine-tuned machine.

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A little about Tom

Tom has been consulting and programming for almost 20 years. He’s a natural problem solver, who loves a good challenge. An expert coder with a charismatic, positive and ambitious persona, Tom’s aspirations to build good products and services drives the man, whom is also a fantastic husband and father.

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