OOPS can mean a lot of things: Omega Ortega Project Stories, Our Own Personal Studies, Our Open Project Series or it can even just mean oops, as in stories regarding some of our internal failures. Regardless of the meaning, the point is that we’re going to break down projects by our process. You’ll see how we Listen to clients or ourselves regarding problems, Think about possible solutions, Design the solution, Discuss our solution to refine it, Build an MVP and then repeat the process over again until launch. Oh and we Eat too, we kinda eat a lot. (Just keeping it real!) We think you can learn from our successes and our failures. For new clients, this gives you a glimpse into the process we’ll use on your project.

In these stories you find message threads where we talk about and refine project ideas; You’ll find PDFs of wireframe for apps and cleaned up mockups of those wireframes. You catch videos explaining where the ideas and features came from; Hopefully, we’ll figure out the right combination of text, images, videos and voice. Definitely feel free to keep up aware of what you like on twitter @omegaortegallc or drop us an email: oops@omegaortega.com


This project (the first showing birth to launch) can best be explained as this: What if tracking status on any task was as easy as tracking a package? So many pain points in life are due to a lack of RELEVANT TIMELY knowledge. This is true for professional and personal life. If you knew the repairman wasn’t coming in the next hour, you could run and get your child’s birthday cake. If you knew that you weren’t going to get a piece of creative before your presentation, you could make a backup plan.

MyStatus is a way to broadcast status on any activity. It requires no login to any project tracking system and should not have any personal information. Instead, it’s meant to be simple and easy for any person to use: Take out your iPhone, open the app, tap the activity, enter a status and be done. Anyone from project managers, bosses, spouses, children, coworkers, committee members, etc are now instantly aware of the status of that activity. You learn WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW at precisely WHEN YOU NEED TO KNOW IT to make better decisions in your life. Goodbye to the “How hard is it for them to give me update?” frustration we’ve all felt too often in our lives.

Food Run

We love to eat at Omega Ortega. We don’t like when people forget our food when they make a food run. Therefore, we created this.

Bringing happiness and eliminating forgotten orders by simplifying food runs. Friends don’t let friends order delivery!