Project Type

Web and Mobile Application


Fall 2020

The Story

Martial Arts, and even sports in general have a tendency to be needing ways to have their competitions move fluidly. Judo, for example, was a great starting point to build a tournament system that would help assist hosts/organizers to create and run a competition effortlessly and much more efficiently all while keeping their attendees up to date.

1 Platform, 2 Applications

Kuromatsu Host Image


For hosts, we built a web application to break up from having to use paper or white labeled online forms may be painful, but we assure you that using Kuromatsu to create and edit your tournaments and brackets will bring a much needed experience of nirvana to your organization.

Kuromatsu for Participants


For Competitors, we built a mobile app to apply for tournaments with ease in this safe and effective app that securely stores your information for use anytime you sign up for a tournament. Searching and registering for tournaments has never been easier. Keep up with match-ups and match times with up-to-the-minute changes.