Tap to Pay on iPhone

Tap to Pay on iPhone
Images provided by Apple, Inc (Apple.com)

“Tap to Pay on iPhone” is a new feature that has Apple has launched! If you’re a payment provider, you can add functionality directly via Apple’s SDK. For most apps though, you likely use a payment provider.

We have successfully integrated with Stripe’s SDK for a project already. If you use Stripe, this is a no brainer. Hire us so your team doesn’t have to break cadence on other feature work, but you still get to launch with Tap to Pay on iPhone.

If you use a different payment provider that offers Tap to Pay on iPhone, our experience with other payment providers will still provide you a jumpstart on what is needed to get this powerful feature implemented in your app.
Tap to Pay on iPhone

Move fast though as Tap to Pay on iPhone has launched and if you have it implemented, there’s a chance Apple could highlight your app when they call out great examples of it on their App Store.

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