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We have been on crazy mission

We’ve always been mobile, but adding Augmented Reality to our repertoire has been satisfying. Utilizing the Niantic Lightship ARDK, we have been enthusiastically creating an adventure to pique the interests of young and old, by being able to absorb specific locations into our experience and unifying them with the mobile phone world.The vision of a grandparent getting to enjoy a game where warm and loving characters come to life to interact with them and their grandkids was a perspective in bonding that we couldn’t pass up in building.

Mr. Squish E. ImageOur first adventure is based in Central Park, New York and the introductions of our charming resident squirrel, Mr. Squish E. comes quickly.. As we are all aware that the mobile phone lifestyle has inherited the attention of many of today’s youth, we wanted to be able to get them into outdoor locations, and still be able to interact with those surroundings with an experience they can enjoy in morsels. The ambitions for this idea to move forward into other locale as well.

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2023 Vision for Seentral Park and Beyond

Here is a sneak peak of a very early version of what is to come and we are humbly excited about for 2023.

After the video, send us your thoughts! We want to be part of your world!

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We are excited about this venture, and we want to be part of your excitement to. Being able to apply our AR/Mobile locale gaming techniques to your own events, theme parks and adventures is going to be epic.