About Us

While we’re a team of geeks that build applications, what makes us unique, is our ability to think through our work to solve problems and bring new ideas and creativity to your app, developing an even better product than imagined.

Because of our experience and success competing in several hackathons, we’ve been able to systemize our process and establish a highly effective approach to analyzing ideas and then building a prototype, or more appropriately, a proof of concept to validate the effectiveness of the app idea.

See Our Team in Action

Like any team of geeks, we prefer working with certain technologies, which includes Apple’s iOS, for iPhone and iPad apps, and the Montage Framework, for building HTML5 solutions.

However, we’ve had success fixing problems with technologies we’ve never worked with before. We’ve found that different technologies have different syntax, but sadly, the underlying problem of human thought tends to be the same.

We believe our biggest strengths are found in our talented team, our size, and the trust we have in each other.

It’s true that we’re a small shop with big ambitions. Our internal team consist of only 5 people and we’re completely distributed, working from our homes. A designer in Los Angeles, a programmer in Bellevue, a backend architect in Seattle, a project manager in Norther Arizona and our owner in Phoenix.