Application Development

Applications are key to productivity.

And Omega Ortega is your ticket into the app space.

We’ll listen to your pains and struggles to help steer you in the direction of a results-driven solution.

We tend to see the world through app tinted lenses. When we hear about problems in the world, we think of the apps that can be developed to fix them.

As we listen to business executives speak about their organizational needs or failings, our minds naturally start to flood with ideas and concepts that eventually become fully formed features inside of hackathon-winning apps and apps we build for our clients.

We specialize in 2 areas of application development:

  • Web Development – These are apps primarily delivered via the browser on either a desktop or mobile device. You can also use a native wrapper to get a web app on a mobile app store, but we suggest you go the Mobile Development route in that case.
  • Mobile Development – These are apps that run natively on devices utilizing native SDKs. This often requires that we do 2 versions of the app to support both Apple iOS products and Android devices. There are transpiling platforms that promise write once, run anywhere apps, but we feel those tools deliver inferior experiences.

Where we excel:

  • Human Centric Design – We never forget that in the end, it’s people who use apps we build for you. That is key. You may (or may not) understand the informational needs of your clients and employees. However, we understand their emotional needs and utilize technology to wow them and give that sense of magic that only a great app can deliver.
  • Small Team – Our team is currently 5 people and will always be small in size. Larger teams require more management and are less effective because no one knows who’s who and who’s doing what. We are a band of friends that leverage one another’s strengths to deliver an amazing application for you and your business. There’s never a question of who’s doing what. The roles have been defined for years and we trust each other to do our jobs.
  • Speedy Delivery – In the computer realm, you oft hear the term: 10x engineer (sometimes 3x or 5x). What that means is some software developers can output the work of 10 other developers. We are a band of 10x-ers. This is not opinion, but award winning and project proven fact. Many clients will tell us, “Please prep another member to handle the oncoming rush of work.” We always reply the same way, “You give us the work, we’ll determine if it requires another person.” It rarely does.

We’re definitely not the size of an IBM Professional Services or an Accenture. And we never want to be.

If you’re looking for an army of developers to march to the beat of a bland design drum, we aren’t the team for you.

If you want to deliver an amazing application that wows you, your employees, and your customers, we’re the team that will do just that!