Everyone has an idea for an app, including you. The problem is getting the idea from your mind into your users hands. That’s where we come in. We do 3 things that help bring your idea to life.

1. We help you understand scope and budget.

“It’s like Facebook with a little bit of Instagram but for doctors.” You think that’s a crazy statement, but it’s something we’ve heard. And if you think that’s a reasonable statement, then you need to go read Facebook’s current operational budget plus remember that it paid $1B for Instagram. My guess is that’s beyond your budget, despite the fact that doctor’s make a lot of money. 🙂

However, our duty is to help you break down the essence of your app idea. What is the root of your idea? What is the basic premise that needs to be tested out? What is the unique thing you have to offer that will differentiate yourself from the competition?

That’s where we excel. We don’t doubt your dream or your vision, we’re just trying to make it become a reality with the budget you have.

2. We make you aware of other tools to aid you in your journey.

We’ve been building apps for awhile. Whether they’re for a small business or large enterprise, whether for a mobile device or web browser, whether for yourself or for your client, we’ve done it all. After being in the biz for almost 20 years, we’ve pretty much built every type of app there is to build. Just so you know, actually coding your app (i.e. making the source code) is the easy part. You think we’re joking, but we’re not.

Aside from the source code, have you thought about the following:

  • What source control system will you use?
  • Do you have a branching model in mind yet?
  • What about build and release of those branches?
  • How are you going to track bugs and features for those builds and release?
  • Will your app need a backend? (Most do.) And if so, is it built or do you need that built as well?

If you know the answer to those questions, then let’s just get going already! 🙂 If you don’t know the answers, that’s alright too. We’ll help you understand all that stuff once we start rolling.

3. We work on your schedule, not our own.

Our founder, Tom Ortega, has this nifty ability when it comes to relationships. When he’s sitting down with a friend, he can recall any conversation he’s ever had with them and remember everything that went into the relationship. The moment he leaves, most of that info fades away into the background. This is probably why he prefers one on one conversations vs huge group dinners.

When we work with you, it’s the same way. Let’s say you have a 2 month project. The first month we get going and things are looking great. Then, as with business, something with higher priority in your business comes up. Something big that will require all your focus. You hit the Pause Button on our project for 2 months, clear out that priority, and then come back ready to go. However, you don’t want to waste time restarting the fires so to speak. With Omega Ortega, you won’t have to. We have an innovative way to track project items in house, so that your information is always there at our fingertips.

We’re ready when you’re ready. It’s that simple.