UPDATE: We WON the Code-A-Thon Challenge!
More Details => https://wp.me/p3Peyt-8z

We’ll be heading to the Bay Area for the Sears’ Startup Code-A-Thon. We’re looking forward to seeing what type of problems Sears has for us to hack on.

As founder and head coder, it’s my job to think about the future and how mobile will disrupt key areas like retail, hospitality, etc. I have some ideas, but it will be very interesting to hear what Sears itself sees as problems that need fixing or ideas that need implementing.

I think our biggest problem is not going to be can we build something cool and useful to solve a problem, but rather which problem are we going to try and solve.

Regardless if you’re going to go to the Code-A-Thon or not, feel free to schedule some time to sit down and chat if you’d like. Or just holler at us on twitter.