For those of you just now stumbling upon us, it may look like there wasn’t much company news. That’s my fault. As the founder and head coder, I didn’t have time to update the website with company news. I didn’t have time to add clients to the clients list. I didn’t really have time to do much of anything other than code for our clients.

That’s changing. A few weeks ago, I hired Chris Eggleston as my Director of Operations. Basically, he’s in charge of everything that’s not coding or client technical talks. He’s in charge of this website, getting our SEO in order, reminding clients to pay their invoices, setting up project templates in Asana (project management app), breaking projects down into tasks, reaching out to new clients, and many, many other things. He’s great at what he does and I’m glad he’s there to do it.

Now that he’s in charge of all this stuff, you’ll start to notice things running a bit smoother. While hiring Chris is great news, there’s even more awesome news coming up. Stay tuned.