Code One Hackathon

We’ve made the cut (official email below)!

Code one Omaha

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We’re at it again! The Omega Ortega team is headed to Omaha, Nebraska for another hackathon.

First National Bank of Omaha invites all developers, designers, and other talented 3-person teams to participate in a 48 hour hackathon hosted in the First National Tower Wintergarden.

Hackers will be challenged with designing and developing a unique and innovative crowdsourcing web-based application.

This challenge, like the Sears Startup Code-A-Thon, will give us the ability to utilize our expertise once again!

At the Sears Code-A-Thon, we were able to highlight our expertise in iOS app development, by developing the Chore Score App.

Now in Omaha, at the Code One hackathon, we’ll be able to utilize our skills in HTML5 web app development.

Why would we go all the way to Omaha for a hackathon?

“Hackathons are the future of client/consultant discovery. Why pick a faceless partner to work with when you can get to know the partner better through executing a project in a few days?”

— Tom Ortega

Our flights are booked, our team is pumped and among other things, we’re looking forward to some cooler weather!!

If you’re in Omaha and want to schedule time to chat, fill out this form, or just hit us up on Twitter (@omegaortegallc)!