Omega Ortega isn’t your typical team of consultants. We’re natural problem solvers.

Although our team has over 50 years of combined expertise, experience, and a wide range of knowledge in developing software solutions, what makes us such an asset to our clients is our culture.

When we work with your organization, we bring with us a culture of Focus, Understanding, Speed, Results, and Fun.

For more on how successful we are at integrating our culture with internal teams, download this case study.

Further, unlike most “consulting shops”, we don’t have to be the ones doing the coding and designing. We’ve been able to work as advisors to help internal teams perfect their concepts, adopt new technology, work more efficiently as a team, and launch projects faster.

Hiring our team of consultants has given our clients access to a fresh perspective, new ideas, a deeper level of expertise, and a more cost efficient solution.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope to continue the relationship.”
– Jim Cole, CIO Arvest Bank

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