Sometimes, you just get stuck in a problem.

We’ve answered the call many times and delivered those fixes.

Our founder is a natural problem solver. When he’s determined to solve a problem, nothing gets in his way.

Here’s a list of the few things we’ve heard from clients over the years:

  • Our website crashes the browser. (Yes, I too didn’t think it was possible, but it sure did.)
  • Our application doesn’t work, but we have no idea why. Please make it work again.
  • Our application has gotten too big for our developer(s) to handle. Please help us get it to launch.
  • Our team is moving too slow towards our goals and deadlines. Can you come augment the team and show them how to be more efficient?
  • Can you look through our codebase and point out any trouble spots you see?
  • We know we need to automate our process, but we’re not even sure what can be automated.
  • We need to get our accounting department computerized or we’ll lose our biggest client.
  • Our manual record system is losing us millions of dollars, we think. Can you verify where the records are wrong?
  • Our app needs to be updated to run on modern systems. Can you build us a better version while not losing all of our old data?

Many times a “fixer” is really just another name for a missing role in a project. Often, that roll involves front-end programming.

There are several critical areas that can mean the difference between success and failure in a project. Luckily for you, this is where we shine.

How we fix it…

The final solution will depend on the problem. However, our process of discovery is roughly the same.

  • Where is the problem most evident?
  • How do you think we arrived at the problem?
  • What was the original team’s though process that got us here?
  • Is the problem in the workflow or in the overall approach?
  • What changes can we make to modify the outcome?
  • How would the ideal solution to the problem work?
  • What are the constraints of what we can deliver?

If it’s a bug, we often times have to get into the mind of the developer who coded it. If it’s a design bug, we will try to see the approach through the designer’s eyes.

Problems are simply a stumbling block on the path to success.

Our team brings problem-solving solutions to get your problems fixed, so progress can flow again.

What problems can we solve for you?