Why We’re Able to Ship Projects Faster

Why We’re Able to Ship Projects Faster

When we won our second hackathon for building another mobile app in a record 2 day time frame, people asked, “How are you guys so fast?” I’ve thought about that a lot. There are several reasons why and I’d like to cover them in a this post....

Full Length Documentary is up!

Here it is for all your viewing pleasures. This is our 4 day journey through the Saleforce $1M hackathon. We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it! If you want to reach out to us, do so here.

The Documentary: Part 1

Our friends over at Bootstrapper Studios, the makers of our app demo video for Pay Up Sucka, have been hard at work working on our documentary. To make it more digestible, we’ve decided to make it 2 5-minute parts vs 1 10-minute film. Here’s part 1:...